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Contigency fee during the discrimination pre litigation at half the hourly rate in exchange for 15 percent of settlement.

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I am surprised I got this offer. My understanding is the employer will only consider settling after summary judgement. Employers usually do not settle during eeoc stage as many cases get bogged down. My lawyer however does not know how many hours she will bill during this stage because eeoc can propose mediation or investigate deeply the claims. But this leads to my original question, sounds like I am getting a good deal and my case is strong because employes usually do not settle at this stage.

I only pay half the fees even if I choose not to litigate if the employer did not offer settlement.

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What is your question? If you think you're getting a good deal, take it.



If it really is a good deal or do I just think it is a good deal?


I don't understand the payment formula based on what you have written here. Of course that doesn't matter -- no one needs for me to understand it. But if I can't understand it from what you have written, I have to question whether you are sure that you understand it. And are you sure that you and the professional making this offer both have the same understanding in mind?

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During the eeoc investigation stage, the firm charges half the normal hourly rate in exchange, if the employer settles at this stage, the firm gets 15 percent of what the settlement is. If there is no settlement, I am not obligated to proceed further.


From your question and from your comment to another posting, it sounds like some form of hybrid contingency fee arrangement. This kind of thing can get quite complicated and your description is not sufficiently detailed for me (at least) to make any definitive suggestions. The terms and conditions of the deal should all be spelled out in the Retainer Agreement you signed (or have been presented for signing) with your lawyer or law firm. I suggest you sit down with somebody at the firm (ideally but not necessarily an attorney) and make sure that you 100% understand the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Ideally this would happen before you sign the Agreement, but if not, you really need to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of what you will be bound to honor.

Echoing the comment of another poster, if you think that it is a good deal then you should take it.

Good luck!

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