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Contempt of court for moving outside county

Monahans, TX |

Dad has not had visitation with kids in 3 years, although he has visitation rights in place. I moved with my almost 16 yr. old out of county, and the Dad filed contempt. I volunteered to move back before court, yet he went through with the hearing, and I was sentenced to jail, probated for 3 years, told to move back, and to pay his attorney fees. This is a first contempt for me, and seems a bit excessive since I had already volunteered to "purge" myself of the contempt. Is this a "normal" thing, or does it seem excessive?

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It does seem a bit harsh, but you did violate a court order. Judges take these residence restrictions fairly seriously, and they are pretty black and white most of the time- you are either inside the boundaries or out. Also, volunteering to move back is not quite as good as actually moving back, so it may have seemed like an empty gesture to the court.



Thank you for your quick response. I understand what you mean by empty gesture, but my position at the time was that I didn't even have time to find a good attorney, let alone move back before court. The papers were served to my parents, and not me, so it was 3 days before I even got the papers. I later found out that they weren't supposed to serve anyone else besides me. Although the process server put on the papers he did serve me. Not much about the legal system seems to make sense to me anymore. But that is beside the point, but please know I do appreciate your response.

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