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Contempt hearing

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He owes a lot in arrears in and out of jail. No court order for visitation .which he hadn't seen her in years. Refuses to work. He is on his second review hearing. Child support filed contempt against him. How many review hearings do they usually have and what happens at those hearings?

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Your question first needs to be separated into 3 parts 1. Child support filed contempt which means there is likely state aid involved (food stamps or etc) and this is also likely where the amount of arrears was determined. 2. Child support enforcement does not order visitation/parenting time and therefor whether or not father has seen daughter in years will not be part of a review hearing. father would need to go through different procedures for allocation of parenting time 3. Father can request a review of child support anytime time there is a substantial change in circumstances (like jail) which could change the child support amount by 10% or more. These hearings usually involve verification of income and/or imputing income due to ability to work. If father does request parenting time you should consult with an attorney


If the hearing is to review a finding of contempt, the purpose is to give him a chance to demonstrate that he is trying to pay his child support. If the review is to determine how much child support should be paid, you might consider consulting with a family law attorney so that you are prepared for the hearing. Good luck to you.

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