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Cont previous question.I received a post judgment demand where I live out of state11 years after the debt went to collections.

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Atty & HOA were sending mail to the property address. Placing judgments in my name from 2002 to 2010. I do not know what prompted them to find me in my resident state that I have lived for 25 years last year. If they had sent me the debt earlier to my resident state I would have taken care of every thing and question the errors as they happened. So now they want to hold me responsible for outrageous cost & fees that are double the original debt after not notifying me 11 years ago in my resident state. Do I have any legal recourse now. I am co owner of the property. Do I have rights once I was notified to challenge the amount of the debt from the 1st collection notice 11 yrs ago. They feel i do not have any recourse. Pay what we say you owe. Period. That does not sit well with m

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Did not see your part one. However, judgments do expire if not renewed so if the judgment is not good in the original state, its not good now. I would get an attorney to simply look at your documents to see if you have anything to be concerned about.

This is not intended to create an attorney client relationship and none is to be implied either. You must contact an attorney and present all facts before you can and should act on this response


I believe it is a continuation of several posts basically asking the same thing. The answer is the same - get a lawyer to review all the facts, pleadings and documents.


You wrote, "I do not know what prompted them to find me in my resident state that I have lived for 25 years last year."
A : Although a quarter of a century delay is unusual, the registration of a foreign judgment in another State is a routine collection action.

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