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Consumer collections small claims vs. civil cases pro bono

Concord, CA |

I have not been able to get pro bono representation because with the amount the collection agency is asking for is 10,500
I actually do not owe this debt..and there are a lot of layers to my case
at this point how can I get legal aid to stop the judgment ?

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I am sorry but you may not be able to if they have financial limits. you may have to represent yourself if there is no chance you will go be incarcerated, if you have a defense, write it down, simplify it and practice it with friends and see what they think.

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Start by trying to work with opposing counsel. Provide the evidence you have that you do not owe the money. Ultimately you might have to pay some money to settle it, but that is better than the whole thing, plus attorney fees and costs.

Good luck to you.

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A consumer collections case is NOT Small Claims. You need an attorney, and you need to hire one ASAP. Dealing with a collection agency/collection law firm, even for lawyers can be a daunting task. If you feel you do not owe the debt and want/need to fight it, then, no matter what, you are going to have to pay someone.

Speak to a collection law lawyer, ASAP. Do not let your rights be effected!

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