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Consulate where immagrant visa or USCIS office where adjustment of status was granted

Santa Barbara, CA |

Ths is one of the questions on the online green card renewal form. The office where I got my green card was in Oxnard Ca. but I was living in santa barbara ca. and the online aplication dosent list oxnard Ca. as on of the options.

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Attorney answers 2


That is because USCIS does not have an office in Oxnard. As the title of your question makes clear, the question refers to either the consulate where the immigrant visa was issued, or the USCIS office where the Adjustment of Status was granted. It is not the city you lived at.


Of course, the USCIS records will reflect the office where you adjusted status. If you are uncertain, you can schedule an InfoPass appointment at for information and assistance with the form. Normally I don't recommend going to USCIS on one's own, but if there are no problems or concerns with your status, it will likely be ok on an I-90 inquiry. If you have concerns, consult an attorney.

Scott D. Pollock