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Construction question. public water facility. some new water lines laid incorrectly in our system are causing problems now.

Beckley, WV |

These lines are approx 8 1/2 years old. They were installed incorrectly by the contractor. The inspector at the time must have not been looking or something.. We have had continuous problems from breaks in this line because it wasn't bedded in sand as required. The contractor only provided 1 year warranty for the project. Can we make someone liable 4 this poor workmanship? I am the plants new operator now.

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Your biggest problem is going to be the statute of limitations on any claim, whether a breach of contract, negligence or breach of warranty claim. (Depending on nature of the claim, limitations period might be 2, 5 or 10 years). It sounds as if these issues have been known for some time. When were they first discovered and identified as the contractors' fault? Why wasn't action immediately taken? Since you are a public utility, speak to either the utility's general counsel or that of the agency that controls your utility about your concerns and see if you can proceed against the contractor under the 10 year statute of limitations perios of WV Code 55-2-6 or 55-2-6a.

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