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Construction company overcharge to me second part . Sorry i cannot put in one questions .

Chesterfield, MO |

After this representative come to me to sign contract . He put in contract total REV . I told him why $ 6900 not $ 5900 . He told me I should not worry it is standard procedure and he show me letter and promise I will not paid deduction . He lie to me , because 02 / 15 / 2013 I received final invoice company included $ 1000 deductible in final cost . I call and ask we agree for other amount . Representative from billing department told : Scot not work anymore in company and letter does not matter , because in contract have other amount . I told it is bad practice to trick customer and I can go to court . After this he told me wait before manager come to me to discuss . Please give me advice that I should do . But I prefer pay portion to lawyer not to company because it is humiliation to me .

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Attorney answers 2


An attorney would need to see the letter and the contract to determine how to proceed in this situation. The representative of the company was acting on their behalf, so what he says is likely enforceable, however, the contract may explicitly limits the terms of your agreement to the contract.

As aforementioned: I would contact an attorney and have them review those two documents to determine the strength of your case.


See response to other question.

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