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Constriction company overcharge me

Chesterfield, MO |

Hello . Roofing company try overcharge to me . They promise repair roof without deductible . discuss with insurance company for repaired . I told him I do not want pay deductible this $ 1000 . Representative told not problem company have money and they work with insurance company . After insurance send first check I send email representative roofing company . Hello Scott . Please look . We will receive from company $ 5900 included some gutter repair . If you agree for this cost please contact . ANSWER FROM COMPANY . went over your Insurance paper work . The total REV ( Replacement Cost Value is $ 6 , 900 ) less deductible ( $ l , OOO ) . We have some money to use to work against your deductible . The REV value will also go up due to supplements that will be added and invoiced to AAA . I have second note .

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Attorney answers 2


Please see my answer provided in part 2 of your question.


If you have a contract in hand, refer to its text. If they are seeking to modify its terms, seek counsel. If you have an oral agreement seek counsel. These matters can get out of hand quickly.

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Thank you. Company agree not charge.