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Conspiracy to distribute mdma 2 year investigation..

Los Angeles, CA |

I am being charged with conspiracy to distribute mdma. After reviewing all discoveries and wiretaps, a 2 year investigation there is not 1 phone call where I am trying to sell any drugs or ever in possession of any drugs. There are a few phone calls I call someone to ask someone the price of mdma ( 5-10 pills).

But the wiretaps make me sound like a really bad person, a punk. What I am afraid of is
in a jury trial the jury will dislike me so much it will affect there judgement on the direct evidence linking me to the actual charge.

My question is- in your experience how much does a jury disliking the defendant affect there ability to convict on the evidence presented and not on their feelings toward this person?

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You should have an attorney.

Your attorney should try to keep out evidence that isn't very relevant but which would prejudice the jury against you.


Conspiracy is a dificult and complex issue. There are a number of requirements. There are also defenses based on what your activity was. However, the question you asked was about juries and their prejudices. How you appear can be a factor in their decision. But my experience is the appearance issue is how you appear at trial.
You are going to need an experienced drug defense attorney. You may also need experts regarding the question of possession and trafficing and the cations of an "everyday user" compared to someone who is in the business.
Of some degree of concern is 5the statements contained on the tape. What they were can be used to argue what your involvement was.
See an attorney.
You should probably be careful what you say here. This is not necessarily confidential.


In my experience Jury trials are an absolute 100% crapshoot.

You really never know what they're going to do when they deliberate.

A really experienced trial attorney can take into account that you sound terrible on the tapes and tailor a defense accordingly.


Robert Callahan