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Considering petitioning for a green card under EB1A Extraordinary ability category

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Would like to know how an artist can be approved under this category. I know of the 10 categories of which 3 need to be met, but that's a generalized category that applies to all the professions. In my case, I am an artist and I assume that even if those 10 somehow apply to me, there could be other qualifications for the artists to meet the EB1A requirements. Also, are there special lawyers who deal with EB1A cases or anyone dealing with immigration can take on such cases. Can you give me a range of how much such a petition with an attorney could cost. I know it varies by state, and I would like to specify that I am from California.

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This type of case is hard to win with the best attorney on board. It is literally in the realm of impossibility to win this thing without an attorney.

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I understand as I will be getting one soon, except that I am trying to understand the requirements for an artist under this category. Again, those 10 pillars, so to speak, for the EB1A case seem general for all the professions and I was not sure how that would fall for an artist like me.

Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal


Yes and No. I cannot explain it to you on AVVO. it is way too complicated.


Attorney fees vary from attorney to attorney and based on the complexity of the case. EB1s are difficult. Merely meeting three of the categories is rarely, if ever, enough.

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We woudl be happy to assess your eligibility to apply in the EB-1A category as an artist. contact me as indicated below and we can set up a time to review yoru credentials and achievements and advise on costs, procedures, timing, etc.

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I have won EB-1 for an artist, but I agree that it does require an experienced an knowledgeable attorney in addition to a highly well-qualified client.

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It's probably worthwhile for you to pay the consultation fee and speak with an attorney about your options here. The range of fees for EB-1 cases is huge, but you should know that they are very expensive to do because they are difficult and require a huge amount of work. A straightforward filed by my office a month ago included several hundred pages of documents. It's a better use of your time and energy to focus on figuring out what's available to you before trying to actually get the visa.

Last comment is that, just because an EB-1 petitioner thinks he or she meets at least 3 of the 10 prongs doesn't mean that USCIS will agree. Anyway, long story short, talk to someone even if it costs you a few hundred bucks. Then you'll know your options.

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