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Conservatorship over my chronic alcoholic adult sister

Cairo, NY |

I live in NYS. My sister lives in NC. She moved there with her now ex-husband. she lives alone. I have had to travel down on a number of occasions because we were unable to get a hold of her. I am seriously worried about her mental health at this point in time. she has entered rehab, did counseling.. etc etc etc.. but it keeps coming back to her drinking. she stays in her apt. and drinks. she called 911 for herself last week because she knew she was in danger of alocohol poisoning. I do not bleieve that she is able to take care of herself anymore and that she will die, if accidently( as most alcoholics do) I am 53, She is 52. I want to take some control over her life so she will have NO options as to where her $ goes or whether she goes for help or not. She is alone down there.

my CORRECCT email is

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I don't see a question here. Are you looking for help from a NC attorney to help you set up a conservatorship or guardianship over your sister? If so please specifically state that.

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