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Confused on what i can do and what i should and my brother were arrested for drug sales of marijuane and cocaine and

Phoenix, AZ |

cultivation of marijuana 27 years ago, he was afraid to go to prison so i sighned a document saying he had nothing to do with it. he got 30 days i got 2 years10years probation and5-7class 2 felonys . he has got his rights back he only had 2 class 4 felonys. he has been able to go on with his life i cant, i have child support hanging over my head its difficult to get a job and pay this. i have a new girl to get married 2 but cant because of the child support. we have been together for 12 years i have been straight and clean since i got out of jail in 89. my brother has came into some money so i asked if he could loan me some to offer a payoff to chilkd support because of the favor i did for him he said no. it made me upset this brother also molested me for 3 yrs growing up age13-16 help me

is there anything i can do about the molesting when i was younger? its made my thinking about gay men and gay rights not human and haunts and frightens me because of what happened to me. can he be arrested, can i sue him for pain and suffering. i feel he owes for what i did for him by keeping him out of prison and what he did to me growing up,he has came into a lot of money he is a brother who was never a brother. ive had to sit and watch him achieve his goals while i suffer trying to even get a job nobody hires felons known fact looking for someone to hear the whole story and take this to the next level.

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I'm not sure an attorney will be able to provide the kind of help you need. There is no legal remedy available to force your brother to repay you for what amounted to an illegal act (making a false statement).

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.


I will give this a shot, as there is a lot of missing information. Number one I am confused with what you were convicted of?

It sounds like you were convicted of (1) Sale or Transportation of Marijuana (ARS 13-3405)…which could be anything from a class 2 felony to a class 4 felony depending on what the amount of MJ was (there are only 6 classes of felonies here in Arizona). If you also convicted of (2) Sale or Transportation of a Narcotic Drug (i.e. cocaine)(ARS 14-3408); you are looking at the same classes of felonies. But if you did 2 years in prison…I am guessing we are talking about 2 counts…maybe class 4 felonies?? Again, you need to go over your paperwork to determine what counts you pled guilty to. Why am I making such a big deal about what you pled guilty to these crimes 27 years ago?

Because you need to get your “civil liberties” reinstated. If these crimes were committed in either Maricopa County or Pima County there are PDF forms available online to achieve that goal. See:‎

Getting your civil rights as defined in ARS 13-904 reinstated will help when filling out employment applications and will make you feel better about yourself.

As the other attorney wrote, you need to get counseling for what happened to you as a teen. Victims of sexual abuse need to deal with the trauma. I feel that it your biggest obstacle to moving past these issues with your brother. I would not get married until you see a therapist regarding this trauma.

There are many support groups and here is a local group out of Phoenix to contact for free: ADABI Phone: (928) 674-8314 Toll-free: 1-877-698-0899- After hours, weekends, and holidays: (928) 674-7091. Good luck to you!

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