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Confidentiality Breech - What are my rights and what can I do about it?

Lansdale, PA |

I took a call this morning from a woman identifying herself as an attorney and being in receipt of my request for just such professional call back - re: a med mal issue. I gave her confidential med mal case info along with hospital names, dates and specifics of the case. When I asked for her name - she hung up on me. I "star 69'd" the call and found this info had been blocked by the caller. I know the law firm I sent the inquiry to but they have no female attorneys. I did "star 57" my phone to initiate a trace and record of the call with Verizon. Problem: Law enforcement only are permitted to retrieve this info and may not see this situation as plausible cause to do so - as it was not a case of ongoing/recurring harassment. What can I do?

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No sure you can do anything at this point, except to not give our your personal information on the phone unless you can validate who the other person is.

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If you cannot find the person or her identity or where the call came from, you cannot do anything about it. It is probably not the type of matter that the police will pursue. Hopefullly, there is nothing detrimental to you ithat the woman can do with the information. I fully understand why you gave the woman the information, but, having had your unforetunate experience, I would suggest you verify the caller/number next time someone asks you for personal information.