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Conditional vs. Permanent Green Card?

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what's determine if the green card is conditional or permanent ? is it the filing date or interview date or the benefit granted date. I'm filling green card application through marriage.

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Date granted

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benefit granted date.


The length of the marriage at the time USCIS grants adjustment of status.

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Conditional residence will be given if the application for adjustment of status (green card application) was approved before the second anniversary of the interview. If the application was approved after the second anniversary a regular 10-year card should be issued even if the marriage was less than 2 years old at the time of the interview.

A permanent resident who mistakenly received a two-year conditional green card which was approved after the second anniversary should consult with an immigration lawyer about having the card corrected.

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what do you mean by " ... even if the marriage was less than 2 years old at the time of the interview. "



your answer is confusing me

Ari J Sauer

Ari J Sauer


Meaning that if you had your interview before your second anniversary but USCIS did not approve your green card until after your second anniversary then you should receive a 10-year card without the condition.


As my colleagues have stated, conditional green cards are issued for marriages less than two years old. Before the expiration of the two years, you must file a petition to remove conditions, at which point a permanent green card will issue.

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