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Concerning wage garnishment...

Aiken, SC |

Hello. I just had a credit union "charge-off" about $535 on me. I live in S.C. and I work in Ga. Can my wages be garnished?? I understand that S.C. doesn't allow for wage garnishment (correct?), but if I work in the state of Georgia, would the wage garnishment potential be based on the actual state I WORK in (Ga.) or the state that I RESIDE/LIVE in? Thank you very much.

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Yes. But the creditor would have to sue you in SC and then determine that you are employed by a company with its payroll functions in Georgia. It would have to domesticate the judgment in Georgia and then issue process to get to your wages in Georgia.

This is a convoluted process and most consumer creditors will not go through that much trouble. But, it certainly could happen.

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