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Completed everything but 16 hours of community service for a DUI over 2 years ago. Is there a warrant out for me?

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I'd gotten a misdemeanor DUI in the state of CA in 2007 . I'd paid all my fines , completed the 3 month alcohol program as well as the required M . A . D . D . class all on time . The only thing that I hadn't completed was 16 hours of community service . I believe that this was assigned to me in 2009 . In now live in NY . I don't know what to do to rectify this . I'm afraid that if I were to look into it , I'd be arrested or fined a lot of money . I know that it'd be best for me to be in CA ( to deal in person with things ) , but that is no longer an option .

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Contact a criminal defense lawyer in CA and get advice on how to resolve this long distance.

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Most likely, yes, there is a warrant for your arrest. The 16 hours would have been a condition of your probation. Failure to complete them means you violated your probation, which is sufficient to issue a bench warrant. This needs to be taken care of, otherwise you risk extradition if you are arrested in NY, back to California. The longer is drags on, the less likely a judge will be to allow some sort of alternative to complete the 16 hours, which will likely be increased at this point. This also likely means your probation was never actually terminated in order for the court to maintain jurisdiction over the case.

You should hire a local LA attorney to appear 977, try to get the warrant recalled, and work out a deal with the DA. That way, hopefully you will have enough time to work out something with your employer or school for an "extended absence" long enough for you to come back to CA and deal with this issue.

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Your best bet is to have an attorney look into your matter for you and provide you with guidance on what steps to take. It's possible that you will need post-conviction representation. Typically, this should cost you significantly less than trial representation would. This will not magically go away so make sure you deal with it and put this matter behind you!

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You probably do have a warrant lurking out there and you should just deal with it. Better for you to get on top of it then ignore it and have it bite you in the back side years later. It's not the end of the world. It's just DUI probation and if you did indeed do everything but the community service it takes us all of 30 minutes to find the warrant. Depending on what court your case is in it MIGHT be possible to clear the warrant without you coming to California. If you want us to look into it my contact below.

Brian Michaels


Yes is the most probable answer. If you can provide more details, I could probably have it cleared for you. Call me at 213-324-4206.