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Completed A.R program. charges were dismissed. when will the records are erased/sealed/expunged?

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Charged with larceny 6th degree (shoplifting)in Connecticut. granted accelerated re habitation program (A.R: pre-trail diversionary program for the first time offenders in CT ) for 3 months . I was successfully completed it on 07/10/2012 and charges were dismissed on the same day. I learnt that after successfully completed A.R program in CT , charges are dismissed pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §54-142a. as per this statue, all arrest and court records are erased upon the expiration of the time to file a writ of error . in CT the ppeal time is 20 days. no appela filed. more than 20 days were passed. so my arrest and court records are erased automatically 20 days after the final disposiiton?

my arrest record or about the shoplifting news was pubished in a attorneys website. if my records are erased as the court dimissed the charges, can the news published in this website are also erased? what if the website does not remove the news about me? can I ask them to remove teh news as teh court dismissed teh charges and the already records are erased?

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It can take up to 13 months for your record to be erased. Usually it is erased at the state level much sooner. However, it will likely take the entire 13 months before it is cleared on the federal level. This means that if someone does a background check on you, it may come up on the FBI record.

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I would agree that 12-13 months is the average. You may expedite the process, at least with the majority of background checking firms by sending your final court documents to the FBI and by faxing or sending (whichever they prefer) your documents to In my experience, this speeds up the process greatly. There may be some nominal fees involved. Good luck.

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