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Compensible injury, rotator cuff tear, biceps tenodesis, on TTD, need settlement ranges, Arkansas.

Springdale, AR |

I was injured cranking down landing gear on a semi trailer. As of now, receiving TTD payments. Lawyer I have will not participate in pre-settlement funding (won't hurt them any and I understand the ramifications). I have asked and researched settlement ranges and I know that each case is different. After MMI and PPD I need to know what I can ask based on a range of straight forward Overall body percentages and a range of 15-40% shoulder disability ranges. Can anyone answer this with a range. Don't want a bunch of lawyer fluff, ranges only. Thank you.

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No. This is absolutely and positively an Attorney/Client conversation. We are not your Attorney, and (s)he may have very valid reasons for the recommendations. I know that I usually do, and I would be BEYOND irritated if you farmed your case out for second and third opinions while I was your Counsel. Probably to the extent that we would part ways. You don't cheat when you are in a marriage. Until you get a Divorce, you are loyal to the one you picked.

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


No way to answer your question. Not enough info. But this is a question that only should be answered by your own lawyer anyway. This forum is not really a good place to get this type of question answered, for the reasons expressed in the other answer.


It is not possible to improve on Mr. Corson's advice.

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