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Company I was layed off from in dec 2011 won't hire me. more than qualified think my age has something to do with it

Weymouth, MA |

applied for 3 jobs at this co. I know I am quailified for them. At the interview was told I was the person he was looking for.I would hear from him in a few days. Never heard anything. Saw the same job 1 month later, applied again. Not hired. I will be 57 years old in a few weeks. My company was sold to this big company and had been there almost 15 years.

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From the facts you have stated, it sounds like you at least have an argument that there is age discrimination. You should consult with an employment lawyer to really go into the details. I would recommend getting a copy of your personnel record so you can see what is (and what isn't) in there that might help or hurt a possible claim. (Massachusetts law requires a former employer to provide a copy within 5 business days - and you will want a record of your request). If the facts and personnel record support your view, then a demand letter from a lawyer to the company may get you the results you want.


You should contact an employment attorney in your area. If this company is discriminating against you based on your age, they are violating your rights under federal and state laws and you can file a claim against them at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Discrimination can be hard to prove, though, particularly in cases where the employer fails to hire.

You can search on Avvo for an attorney or contact the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association for a referral.

Good luck.

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