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Comcast Cable Communications LLC, is harassing me by sending notice via a credit collection agency ?

San Mateo, CA |

Comcast is very persistent in harassing me. When I was leasing an apartment in San Francisco, one person from comcast contacted me and said he is going to have a good tv/internet deal when I come to live in my new apartment, when I asked how he got my phone number he said he got it from my apartment agent. I said ok. When I started living in my new apartment, I did not have TV, so I never bothered for any service. But, to my surprise I started getting this bill from comcast suddenly. I contacted comcast representative of my apartment, he said that he will take care. But, it did not stop. So, I said him sternly that I want him to get this thing stopped as I never had comcast service, so why the bill. Finally it stopped. Now, again it has appeared and started harassing again. Can anyone help

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Take a look at the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It prohibits conduct like this. There are also attorneys that specialize in protecting your rights under this act. If a creditor is found to have violated the Act it can be liable for up to $1,000 per instance. Its a good idea to keep records of the creditor's conduct from here on out.



They had sent me similar collection letter one year back, what should I do. I email records that, this is not my debt. They are forcing me to pay this or face the consequence.

Crosby Scott Connolly

Crosby Scott Connolly


you should contact an attorney that specializes in the FDCPA immediately.


It is a violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for a debt collector to attempt to collect a consumer debt that is not owed. If you did not enter into a contract for the services, you may have a good FDCPA case. Under the FDCPA you are entitled to a statutory penalty for each violation, any actual damages, any credit damage, and your attorney's fees. You may have several claims under both the federal FDCPA and under the state RFDCPA. You should contact an attorney who sues abusive debt collectors.

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