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College financial aid problems, dispute with loans issued through FAFSA and bank of america

Nimitz, WV |

I am currently attending Kaplan Online University. When I started I thought this would be a great opportunity for me. I enrolled and applied for financial aid through FAFSA and also for student loans from Bank of America. My financial aid was supposed to be through the end of August at the latest. Here it is the end of September. I called FAFSA and was told that my pell grant went to the school quite a while ago and then I called Bank of America and they said that Kaplan still has my loans on hold. I have tried for the last month to get someone in financial aid or in any area of the school to answer my questions about my grants and loans and I cannot get an answer. I have emailed, left voicemail messages and now I even went to the BBB and filed a complaint. I have never seen such an unprofessional place in all my life. I have been severely upset about this because the term ends on Oct. 7th and if my account isn't paid in full I can't go to my next term and I will then owe all the charges that have been applied to my account for that term. They haven't even applied the money from my pell grant to my account yet and the way I understand it from FAFSA they received that money the end of July! I just don't know what to do. I feel that I have done all that I can as far as trying to get ahold of people at the school. They have until the 25th of this month to answer the BBB complaint as of today they haven't yet. Is there anything I can do legally? I have done a little research on the net and found alot of students have complained of the same problem that I am having. It is just very frustrating to be trying to better yourself and you trust a school with your information and taking care of your financial aid process and they do nothing. They don't even have the common courtesy to email you back much less call you. I am really considering filing a lawsuit against them and was wondering how I would go about doing that. Thank you!

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Filing the lawsuit is easy - winning is hard. How to file: You have two choices. You can hire an attorney to file the lawsuit or you can learn how to do it yourself. Doing it yourself would mean a few hours in the law library, downloading a couple of forms, filling them out, taking them to the court for filing, then getting them served on the school. The serving part is easy once you find out who is the schools agent for service of process.

It may be that the lawsuit will immediately trigger a positive response. Your problems could be solved in a few days. But if not, you would have to decide whether to dismiss the lawsuit or pursue it. Pursuing it would involve either hiring an attorney or learning how to handle the litigation yourself. This part would require more than just a few hours in the law library. Think of it as a full time job for a couple of months.

Here's another option. Find a few dozen other people who are having the same problems as you. Pool your money and get an attorney to sue and see the process through the litigation maze.

Oh, wait. I just thought of another one. Find out whether others have sued the university for the same problems. Find out how the lawsuits are going, or were concluded. Get a copy of their pleadings from the court clerk's office. Get advice from the plaintiffs.

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