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Collection agency sent item to collections without informing me that I owed a debt.

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I took my son to the ER April 2012, provided a copy of my ID. I received a bill for $279 and paid it. On April 15,2013 I reviewed credit report and found $50 collection from NPAS. I contacted them provide my name and they couldn't find debt gave them my sons name and they found that and has my maiden name as guarantor. They also had my address but lacked the apartment number. Staff member states they didn't receive return mail so sending bill to wrong address counts as contact. Manager states they did not attempt to contact me by phone because debt was for a small amount. As of April 26,2013 I have not received anything in writing. In good faith I paid the hospital not collection agency. What can I do to remove this from credit report?

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Your first step should be to send a letter to the credit reporting agency disputing the debt. They will generate an inquiry to the creditor who is supposed to verify the debt. If they don't correct the report, I suggest you visit a local NACA attorney. You can find one by looking at and selecting the FIND AN ATTORNEY tab at the top. Good luck!

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You send a demand letter to both the credit reporting agency and the company that is reporting you adversarial. You would have a cause of action, if you apply for credit and this debt cause your credit to be denied or they offer less favorable terms.


As stated above, you should visit with a qualified consumer attorney in your area. A NACA lawyer is an even better option.

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