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Collecting Confirmed Child Support Arrearage

Dallas, TX |

I have an order confirming a child support arrearage owed to me by my ex husband. What steps can I take to collect the arrearage? Are there steps I can take that end up with the sheriff selling his property to pay me? I'm about to lose my house because he owes me $8,000 in child support and about $14,000 for items he was supposed to reimburse me for (kids' medical, extracurriculars, etc) under our final decree of divorce.

Thank you for any ideas.

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If you have an order, you probably have a judgment. You can take that to a civil litigation or debt collection attorney who will pursue the claim, typically on a contingency fee basis. Typical steps are to confirm the judgment, record an abstract of judgment, have a writ of execution issued, and perhaps even garnish his bank accounts. You can even use post judgment depositions to ask him questions and try to find out where his assets are.

You can have the sheriff sell his belongings (using the writ of execution), but Texas allows a debtor to keep quite a bit of property before forcing the sale of assets the Sheriff seizes.

Hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis may work for you, since some of this process is very technical.

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