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Clerk of Court website states my case type is Drug Court, not misdemeanor or felony, and my case has both charges.

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Does this mean my lawyer has already gotten me accepted into Drug Court? A friend in a similar situation does not have a lawyer yet, and his case on the Clerk of court states Misdemeanor. Our arraignments are on the same day. Could this be because he hasn't had any legal representation take care of the filing of this? Or is my case stating Drug Court because of the felony drug possession charge? I would think it would list as Felony, was confused by what this means on the Clerk of Court site.

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The Clerk works in mysterious ways. Your lawyer cannot accept drug court for you, only you can do that. I cannot explain why it appears as it does (Broward is the freaking twilight zone of Florida - to be avoided at all costs) but I can assure you that the only way for you to get into drug court is to formally opt in, and you have to do that in person.


You need to ask these questions to your attorney. Getting a second opinion is ok, but when you haven't even asked your own attorney, others should not interfere.

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The Clerk of Courts website is often not accurate. Do not rely 100% on what appears there. Nevertheless, the staff at the Clerk's office is instructed to assign cases to drug court that appear to fit the criteria for eligibility. Other cases that are eligible for drug court may be assigned to regular court divisions and the client can elect to opt in to drug court and their case will be transferred. Cases with "CF" are felonies; cases with "MM" or "MA" are misdemeanors. There are felony and misdemeanor drug courts. The main incentive for electing to participate in the drug court program, besides getting clean and sober, is that a graduate of the program can get their criminal history record sealed and/or expunged. If you need further info or have more questions, please feel welcome to give me a call. Thanks.

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