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Class assignment. In NC is there an age limit connected with "Age of Consent (16)" when considering statuatory rape.

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A person in a college class asserts that at age 16&17 there is an age cap that allows for a crime of 'Statutory Sexual Assault'. This being N.C. After a google search and review of Statutes it seems this might be the case but can not actually find a legislative law. Anyone know a short answer for the location of this law or its existence?

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A statute is legislative law, and there is a statute that addresses what constitutes statutory rape. All North Carolina General Statutes can be found through the General Assembly's website. AVVO is not the forum for homework help.

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The day the victim turns 16 they are an adult and any consensual sexual relations with that victim from that point forward will not trigger liability for statutory rape or statutory sex offense. Many states have a "cap" at age 18, but not NC. There are several statutes that deal with rape and sex offenses and they are found in Chapter 14 of the NC General Statutes.


North Carolina General Statutes can be found at:

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