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Class 3 Felony question

Saint Augustine, FL |

About a year ago I was very addicted to drugs and while living with a roommate who had been a family friend, I stole over 500 dollars worth of belongings from him and pawned them. I also stole acheck.
The check fraud was dropped. I was charged with larceny, 3rd degree felony.
I left the state before any arrest could be made. but admitted to the officer in charge that I was to blame for it and would face the music.
I have been clean for a year now and am doing a lot to put my life in order. am in really good mental health, no drugs, no vices etc....
I am going to court in 3 weeks for this matter and not sure what to expect and how to conduct myself.
I want to take full responsibility for my actions, I am ashamed. i want to make this right

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You are lucky that you didn't get charged with delaing in stolen property and giving false info to a pawnbroker.

Your attitude is refreshing for a person charged with a crime. Do you have any priors? prior felonies? If no, a possible outcome could be probation, a substance abuse evaluation with any recommended treatment and a withhold of adjudication and payment of restitution.

You should maintain your candor and steadfast desire to make the victims whole, and the Court will see it.

You will probably be fine with the public defender if all your representations are accurate.

If you wish, I would be happy to consult with you for free if you want to provide more details. 877-452-9457. But your best bet is always a local, private attorney who can address alll of your needs promptly.

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I wish your the best of luck.


James Regan, LL.M, Esq.

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James Regan

James Regan


I also know of a competent and diligent attorney in Jacksonville, who has a great smile to boot:



I am going to be using a public defender. I was not sure how to go aproach the situation. I have never had any previous criminal charges. This was me finally hitting the bottom and realizing that drugs made me a different and terrible person. I am not willing to go down that path ever again. I was also wondering if probation would impede my ability to move back up north for the summer for work.


You are doing the right thing by taking responsibility. I would suggest that you talk to an attorney first, before you go to court. An attorney can help minimize the penalties against you while at the same time showing the court you wanted to take responsibility.


Taking full responsibility will help your lawyer tremendously in securing a good disposition for you. Judges typically do not encounter genuine remorse or responsibility from defendants often. With that being said, you need an attorney to assist you in obtaining a successful outcome. I regularly practice in St. Johns County. Call me for a free consultation.

James Davis
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