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Class 2 Misdemeanor for Criminal Mischief and a Summery Offence of Disorderly Conduct.

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I'm being charged with a Class 2 Misdemeanor for Criminal Mischief and a Summery Offence of Disorderly Conduct. In the state of PA. My hearing is this Thursday along with my buddy who got charged with the same offences. He got a lawyer before we talked to the police and they dropped 2 charges against both of us. My question is should I get a public defender or let his lawyer work this out because it says as long as the restitution is paid this can be worked out. Another Question I have is this is my first offence ever, what sentence should I expect if i'm convicted of both charges?

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Its best to speak to your counsel. Since you haven't retained that counsel, they have no obligation to help you. Paying a fine with no charges sounds great maybe too good to be true. Speak to a Pittsburgh attorney from AVVO

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You absolutely need an attorney. Your friend's attorney is responsible for protecting his interest not yours. If this is a first offense, you may be able to enter a program called ARD which uf completed yourcriminal record will not show a conviction.


It is important for you to have your own attorney, either a private one or a public defender. Good luck.


if you were my client and this being your first offense, my goal would be to get you out of this with no record-which I usually do. you could ride the coat tails of the other lawyer, but, my concern is that you may get more of the blame pushed on you, so your buddy can get out of it easier. I would get a lawyer.


You need a lawyer regardless of whether it is a public defender or a private criminal defense attorney. Your buddy's lawyer cannot negotiate for you or work a deal for you ----- nor is he obligated to help you in any way.

If it is a first offense, you may be eligible for ARD.

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