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Claimed unemployment benefits after i got a job

Washington, DC |

collected unemployment in DC for 2 and half months after i got employed . I know this is wrong , but i had bills to catch up with because my job was not paying me enough . I stopped filling and then a month later , i lost my job again . I tried to reopen my claim on line because i was still in the same benefit year , and it allowed me , but now i see a message saying " your claim is not payable . There is an existing issue on your claim . Call us immediately " . Should i worry that my past has come to haunt ? Should i call them . i have no other source of income right now and i am extremely worried . I am looking for a lawyer who i can be able to discuss this with before i do anything else . Thanks

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Well, it is not a death penalty case...

But, you be disqualified from receiving unemployment for fraud, and forced to pay back the money. Not exactly the end of the World, but it is probably not something that you want to have happen to you.

I can't help but notice that you indicated that your "job was not paying me enough." I provide free consultations to workers to audit their previous employment for potential unpaid wages (unpaid overtime, etc.) that they MAY be owed. Many workers do not realize that they may be owed $$$. Feel free to give me a call to determine whether you were properly paid in your previous jobs.


It is fraudlent to misrepresent information in order to receive unemploymentinsurance benefits, and such behavior is regulated with stiff forfeitures and other potential penalties. In some states, you are subject to criminal liability for knowingly concealing or misrepresenting information to the unemployment division. Contact a local employment lawyer before saying anything to the unemployment divsion, and stop misrepresenting information to the state.


I agree with the other posters. You should definitely consider consulting with a local attorney familiar with this area of the law. In many states, North Carolina being one of them, unemployment overpayment is taken very serious. If you wrongfully obtain unemployment and fail to repay it when requested, they won't think twice to prosecute you for fraud. It is considered a felony in NC. Maybe it's not that strict in DC, but I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

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