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Civil Suit Settlement for convicted felon who was a victim of

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Countless easily proven CA Penal Code Laws and Federal crimes. Is their any grey areas based on who the defendants are in the lawsuit, that would affect the Plaintiff (felon) from being paid after jury trial? Example: Suing United States of America as party to suit as Federal agency committed crime, as well as having other parties named individually.

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It is very difficult to understand the facts as you present them. From what I understand you ask whether being a prior felon, can prevent you from receiving a settlement in a civil case. The answer is no.

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There is no such thing as "easily proven," especially when you are making claims against the Federal government. And while there is no bar to a convicted felon receiving a civil settlement, if the facts underlying the felony conviction are at issue, they cannot be re-litigated in the civil dispute.


You should consult with a local civil rights atty .


You cannot prosecute a claim for others who have been wronged. What are your particular damages here?

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