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Civil rights v. State of Georgia and a county for prosecuting me for murder and then dropping it right before trial?

Atlanta, GA |

Suggested here for me to repost hopefully to a civil rights attorney. Charged with murder a long time ago . I didn't do it , but they had to blame somebody I guess . Somebody in jail said I did it . Kept me worried about it for years . Had to get public defender . Case seemed to go away sometime way back when . Then before this last election time , boom out of the blue sky it comes up again . Went on for about two years last go round , I am recalled to court . Then after a lot of hoopla its dismissed last year prior to trial , no agreement , no plea , just dropped . Can I sue or just be happy I didn't have to go through with the trial ? What are my damages ? Lot of head scratching going on over this question , trying to answer it myself . My civil rights violated? A 1983? Federal?

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The decision on whether to charge a crime or not is entirely within the discretion of the state's attorney. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

Take a deep breath and be grateful that your charges were dropped. You can also have the fact that you were ever charged with the crime expunged.