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Civil Demand of 200 Dollars to wal-mart Ohio. Michael Ira Asen law firm

Stow, OH |

This month I was caught shoplifting from Wal-Mart. I was arrested and taken down to the station and fingerprinted. They recovered the merchandise, a computer game valued at 60 dollars. I asked the judge about restitution or a fine and he said that he would ask that wal mart drop that since of my lack of money. I not have a Civil Demand letter from Michael Ira Asen for 200 dollars. 200 seems high to me. Should i pay this? Or ignore it and wait for a second letter? They use The letter was sent via snail mail and I didn't sign for it. Also in the letter it is bolded "is not an attempt to collect a debt." I don't want to be sued. I pleaded guilty on my own and received a 100 dollar fine and court costs and 1 year ban. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you All in Advance.

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Every major store hires one of these law firms to send out civil demand letters to shoplifters. The demand amount is usually the maximum the law in your state allows as a penalty that could be imposed in addition to the actual value of the item(s) taken (if not returned) and court costs and sometimes attorneys fees. I've never heard of the firm your letter came from, but these letters are rarely (if ever) acted on. It is only profitable if people simply pay the demand, it is usually too costly for them to actually sue.

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