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Civil demand letter and phone call from palmer, reifler, & associates?

Los Angeles, CA |

I received a civil demand letter a month ago asking for $300 for an incident in December 2010. Charges were filed against me but it was my first offense and they have now been withdrawn. My lawyers told me to ignore the letter. Yesterday, I received a second letter from them asking for $475 and today, I received a phone call from them regarding the same matter. I've heard about people receiving multiple letters but do they also receive harassing phone calls? I've heard that they go to court about 10 times a year though they send out millions of letters. Does receiving a phone call make it likely that I could be 1 in 10? I knew they would be sending me a letter and I did contact them to have the letter send to a different address. Does having contacted them make a difference? Thanks!

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A response will simply encourage more contact. They really have only one weapon right now and that is to pester you. It would be a waste of money and resources to sue you, so I agree - ignore them until they sue and the likelihood of that is very minimal.


It just means that they're using a cheap method of trying to contact you. They've already spent money on two form letters, two envelopes and two stamps. They're trying to maximize their profit by getting you to pay them something.

You have a lawyer (or lawyers). Discuss it with them, but the odds are still with you - letters, then phone calls, then they let it go.

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