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Civics test for citizenship

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My wife has her interview for her citizenship in a few days. I hadn't known but she is also going to have the tests, or at least we think so. She is not freaking out about knowing the civics part. She is studying but is really worried about failing and having to come back for the 2nd part. Through marriage, does she have to take the civics test or are there any other ways to citizenship?

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All applicants for naturalization have to take and pass examinations in civics, unless they have a USCIS approved N-648 medical waiver advising that they have a serious medical condition (such as dementia) that adversely affects learning and memory. Some applicants who meet the age and length of residency requirements are allowed to take the examination in their native language rather that English.

An applicant who does not pass on the first try is given an opportunity to come back a few weeks after the initial interview to repeat the test. Applicants who do not pass in two tries continue to be permanent residents and are allowed to reapply for naturalization if they wish to do so. (Of course, they still have to take and pass the civics test then or meet the medical exception if a new application is submitted.)

I always tell my clients to make certain they hear and understand the questions asked and not to be afraid to ask for a question to be repeated or explained if needed. I also remind them that it is common to be very nervous when going to the Immigration office and when taking tests and that it is okay to tell the officer if a few extra moments are needed to think about an answer. Of course, I also remind them that success favors those who are prepared, and that the process is much less intimidating when an applicant has studied, and if possible, discussed the interview process and preparation recommendations with an experienced immigration attorney prior to attending the interview.

There is a lot of information about the naturalization test, including study guides, on the Immigration Service's website, under the "Citizenship" heading. If this link works, it should go directly to the page with those resources:

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman


Good answer!


The uscis web site has sample questions.


She want to be a citizen of the United States, right? She needs to know something about the history and political structure of the country. Would you not agree? We are a country of immigrants, but a nation nevertheless. One nation with common history and heritage, One who wants to join in, needs to do it on all levels.

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For the civic test, the examiner asks 10 questions from a list of 100 questions. Those 100 questions and answers can be found at .

Some persons memorize the questions and the answers.

I am not sure what "the 2nd part" is.

To be naturalized, an applicant generally must pass the civics test, the good moral character test, and meet other requirements. Those requirements are listed in the Guide to Naturalization. The Guide is free at .


Get the list of 100 questions (the computer will randomly select 10 of them), and quiz her on them until she knows them. Also print out the list of vocabulary and sentences. She will need to speak enough English to handle the interview (review her application), answer 10 questions, then read a sentence, and then write a sentence. I've seen people pass the test who could really hardly speak English at all, so don't worry, prepare!

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Yes, she must take the tests.

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