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City of Seattle citation for expired/improper plates

Seattle, WA |

On August 15, 2008, I got a ticket for expired/improper plates - I have no idea what kind of crazy ticket this is, but the only thing I can think is that I didn't put on my new license tabs on the plate, but I did in fact buy them in July. I just didn't put them on because I don't drive the car. Anyway, my pre-hearing was 10.02.08, they would not drop the ticket so a contested hearing was scheduled for 12.19.08, due to the snow court was closed and rescheduled to 1.30.09.

My question is since more than 90 days has passed since the issuance of the ticket, can I motion to dismiss for violation of speedy trial?

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Speedy trial rules apply in criminal cases, not traffic infractions. You are supposed to have a hearing within 120 days of the citation unless the court, for good cause, has continued the trial. You may make the motion but you are likely to have a problem.
Normally, if you show that you purchased the tabs before they expired and that they are now on the vehicle, the court (at least in Pierce County) dismisses the ticket with costs. It is not a moving violation so would not affect your insurance.

Larry Couture