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Citizenship interview and a pending traffic court appearance

Paterson, NJ |

I have to go for my citizenship interview next week but I also have a pending traffic court date which I will have to go to next month. Its a traffic ticket that doesn't involve drugs or alcohol and will probably have to just pay a fine. will this traffic court appearance delay my citizenship application? Will my application be put on hold until my traffic court appearance is resolved?

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Most likely, unless you bring proof of the citation and the officer believes that you will remedy the ticket during the court appearance.

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It is better to be safe than sorry - Disclose fully to the officer at your N400 interview. Advise them of the court date and bring copies of any ticket, court notices etc. You can provide the final disposition to USCIS as soon as it is rec'd and proof you paid the fine. If you still have questions seek excellent immigration counsel immediately.

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You have to disclose your traffic court ticket/citation at your interview. If there is no final disposition of your traffic court citation at the time of your naturalization interview then most likely the immigration officer will keep your file on hold pending submission by you of a resolved case to them. Only at that time will the file move forward to your oath taking assuming that you pass the interview to begin with.



Do i have to disclose it even if I paid the fine and the case was closed before the interview?


I'd like to know what the ticket is for. If it is a minor offense you can pay the fine online and proceed. If it is more serious and a court appearance is required, you need to consult with a lawyer before going to court.