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Citizenship- processing time

Miami Beach, FL |

How long does the person take to become US citizen since she fill out an application? What is the processing time? She is green card holder.

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Once the application is completed and mailed to USCIS, the person should get a receipt in the mail. About 30 days later the Miami office usually sends out the biometrics request. If all is properly filed, the interview can be several months later. (That is why it is recommended a person filing for naturalization retain an experienced immigration attorney to at leaset reviw the file for any errors or omissions) If there are mistakes or issues the USCIS usually sends a request out asking for the information. The full processing time from receipt of filing to naturalization interview is approximately 5 months in Miami. Congratulations.

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You may obtain information on processing times on the website.

Take into account the peculiar nature of your case and any delays that may ensure.



In San Diego you are looking at 4.5 from filing until you are called for the Naturalization interview (assuming one has a regular no issues case). Once approved at the interview, take another 30 days or so before you are scheduled for the Oath ceremony. Good Luck


Estimated processing times are as posted on the USCIS website.

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