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Cited at work for selling cigarettes to a minor, I need info how to proceed, and what are my rights?

Westchester, IL |

This was happened at rushed hour and I was the only one in the register when familiar faces of undercovered police asked me that they need to talk to our manager. Just the assistant manager around at that time and they talked to him and said that I sold a cigarettes to a minor. They showed a pack of cigarettes and $10 w/o receipt, then asking my ID and they gave me a ticket or a paper that I need to show or appear in court at the place and date they scheduled on the paper. After that happened 3 days more of work then the manager fired me over the phone. Tomorrow is my court day, I need more info and my rights. This is my first violation of law. Please help me.

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Filed under: Criminal defense
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You should not have waited until the last minute to ask, but it is always best to be represented by an attorney, even if this is considered a muncipal violation. Go to court and ask for time to hire counsel. You will get a continuance. The consult with one or more lawyers and hire the one you like the best. Good luck.


Hire an attorney. Where do you have court?

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