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Childs father is in NM and Im in TX, what can I do to enforce child support? I have already filed with AGO, 3 years ago...

Katy, TX |

I havent received but $100 from him all together and that was over a year ago. He has had multiple jobs of which i have informed the AGO of, they said they sent paperwork to that job to confirm that he worked there but they didnt reply. I gave them his new job information and asked them why nothing else was done to enforce the case so they sent a letter to the state of NM to ask them to enforce the case... first of all, why isnt the state of NM doing anything to him for not paying child support? When I filed for paternity, he ignored everything that came to him from the child support division, so they named him the father because he didnt respond. What can I do to enforce? He owes $10,380 in arrears!!

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While the Texas Attorney General's Office child support division does fairly well in most cases, this case involves another state, and the Texas Attorney General is not an official of that state.

I hope a New Mexico attorney will comment on this question, because with the dad being in New Mexico, that is where he can most easily be tracked down.

Your best course of action is to get with a Texas family law attorney and lay out the situation and get advice specific to your situation. That lawyer may suggest getting an attorney in New Mexico. But, with over 10 thousand dollars on the line, it may be worth it.

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