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Children have a say on physically placement

Madison, WI |

At what age do children have a say on where or who they want to live with?

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Eighteen. Contrary to popular belief, A child's input is heard, but not controlling.


By law, children always have a say. They do not, however, get to choose where they live as long as they are minors (under 18). Children rarely, if ever, are allowed to testify in court. In place of the child's testimony, in Dane County, the child will meet with a guardian ad litem (a lawyer appointed for the child) and a court counselor. The child's wishes will be communicated to the court through those advocates. The older a child is, and the more he/she can express wishes, the more weight will be given to those wishes. If you or your child wishes to change physical placement, I strongly suggest that you consult with an experienced Dane County child custody lawyer.

This submission is not, nor is it intended as, legal advice. You should consult a lawyer to address your legal issue.


The older a child is, the more weight their wishes are given. However, they are never allowed to make the decision of who they will live with. See the attached link for more information.