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Child support question.

New York, NY |

My husband (split) is currently on probation.

He is behind 28000 on child support. How can i get a case started on this? - What procedures do I have to take?

Please someone help, I'm not very rich and can't afford an attorney. Any/all advice is welcome.

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Go to the family court in your county and speak with the clerk's office. They will provide you with a violation petition to fill out. File that with the clerk's office and your case will be put on the court's calendar.

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File a violation petition with the Family Court. You will then need to arrange to have him served with the petition. You're best advised to do so via a process server or the Sheriff's office. Schedule a consult with a NYC Divorce lawyer for a full assessment.

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File the violation petition in family court. As others have suggested, it is really quite simple. Make sure to bring the order/agreement when you go to file. Going forward request the assistance of support collection.

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