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Child Support open in three states

Massachusetts |

my husband has open cases in three states by the mother of his daughter, his salary is deducted by order of a court of Connecticut, recently their assets were frozen by the court of Massachusset so it was that we knew of other cases and few days ago Puerto Rico, a state where the divorce was, sent a collection letter for child support too.
So how to proceed in this case; Is there a solution?.
Apparently every time the mother moved from state opened a new case, it now over 3 years ago do not know where the girl is as the mother took the girl without saying where when the girl started to ask her to live with her dad

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This sounds like an involved situation. It is a bad idea to just ignore the child support payments, as the amount due will likely continue to accrue. There will also be some extra work involved just in figuring out exactly what the situation is in all 3 states, and then determining the best way to proceed.

I would urge your husband to meet with a lawyer to start trying to unravel the situation before things get worse. Child support enforcement options are serious and range from attaching pay and assets, suspended licenses, and even possibly jail. Also, sounds like there are some custodial issues to address as well. Thus, I would certainly not ignore this situation! Best bet is to meet with a family law lawyer.

Good luck.

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