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Child support laws in New Jersey? How to calculate?

Toms River, NJ |

Good day! I'd like to know the ins and outs of child support in New Jersey. I know it differs from state to state.

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I wish I could give you a quick answer, but it's really quite complicated these days. Like all states, child support is based principally on (a) how many children you have; (b) how much you earn; (c) how much the other parent earns, and (d) how you divide the custody and visitation schedule. But there are many other factors -- so many, in fact, we know use a sophisticated child support software system to come up with the correct number. For example, health insurance, alimony, special expenses, union dues, and taxes are now all built into the formula.

I've written several books on child support in New Jersey in order to help lawyers understand the complexities. So I would caution you not to try handling this on your own, unless you and your ex have an agreement.

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you really dont need a lawyer as they are state guidelines and after you fill out the necessary paperwork it really does not matter if you submitted it or a lawyer did it is all based on paychecks and tax returns unless you are filthy rich there is not much to fight for


Dear Toms River,

Your better off hiring an experienced family lawyer. Call one today. There are many factors and when you try to do it yourself it can be overwhelming because you have your own personal emotions and convictions involved which frankly can be an impediment to resolution. Plus you do not have the same command of the rather large volume of law that comes in handy when computing and running the child support worksheets. You need to put the right things on the right lines. You also need to be able to recognize what goes where. Judges do not do that for you, they will run a worksheet, but they will not assist with the information going into it. That information can affect the math considerably. Yes, you need the lawyer.

Aniello D. Cerreto, Esq.



all they look at is what you make what he/she makes the form is simple it asks what your monthly payments are and what you bring in do you really need a lawyer to answer that