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Child support income withholding vs IRS

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I read that child support will take priority over a tax levy if the underlying support order was established prior to the IRS levy.

The original support order was made in 2006. I believe a tax levy may have just been placed in 2013. I also believe the child support may get a downward mod. Would the child support still take priority over the tax levy or will it then be considered as established when the downward mod was granted, which happened after the tax levy was placed?

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Generally a child support execution will take priority. That said, I advise to follow-up with an accountant on this question.

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I re-categorized this as a tax question. Family lawyers for the most part are not tax experts.


Child support is a priority over all else until the obligation is extinguished.

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Child support always takes priority over tax levies as child support is needed for the "best interests of the child(ren)." Please make sure that they payroll department is correctly deducting the child support and then the IRS garnishment funds second.

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