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Child Support in Pennsylvania - Employer isn't paying on time

Doylestown, PA |

The court is Bucks county. The order is for a set amount. it's been a year since child support was set. The employer chooses to pay the bi-weekly amount (so that the 3 times a month pay periods are included) My issue is the employer is the grandparents of my children. There is 3,000 in arrears. They pay 1-1.5 months late. They treat the child support as a bill they can just pay whenever. I am constantly needing to call to get the ball rolling for the reminders, otherwise it just goes on and on. The payments are just never consistent bi weekly. I have a contempt hearing in a few weeks, and I just don't know what to do. The other parent just refuses to speak to the grandparents to pay it, because it would mean arguing. What can I say to get this paid on time. Company is <30 employe

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Sounds to me like your employer isn't complying with the court order. You need a lawyer, and you need to be willing to haul your employer (and I assume, parents) to court in some way.

In other words, you are in a tough spot. Call a family lawyer ASAP.



What is the law in regard to how much time they have to forward the money to Child Support Enforcement?


If you are wage garnished and it is coming out of the check and the employer is not sending it in, then they are subject to penalities and fines. I am assuming you are receiving the support though it is not clear from your post. If that is the case, go to the contempt. Your ex will have to prove that it is being taken out of his wages and his parents are not sending it in and they can be fined.