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Child support garnished from wages not paid to child support agency

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My pay stubs show that my child support is being deducted from my paycheck but the child support agency is not receiving the payments. All of my information is correct and a few payments have gone through as scheduled, but not for the past 2 months. Will I be penalized for this or will the support agency penalize my employer?

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Is this a new support order? If so it can take up to a few months for Ohio CSEC to catch up with the garnishments. Also the employer may have had some end of the year issue. Nevertheless hang on to your paystubs. If the issue continues for a few more months you will want to have them, in case CSEA looks at you directly.

In the meantime a phone call to your support caseworker should clear the matter up. You will want to have your SETS # handy when making the call.

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Unfortunately, you will be responsible for all arrearage regardless and your employer is off the hook. This is your obligation, not your employers.

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You need to speak with your employer and find out where those payments are, if it is a big company, your payroll and human resourced department is the place to start. Those payments need to be tracked as if the money was taken out of your paycheck, then it has to have gone somewhere.

You do not want to get dinged for something like this where you are in compliance and your employer is at fault, especially at this time of year where tax returns are being processed. Make sure you speak with your caseworker to let CSEA know what answers you are getting from your employer, and don't hesitate to share copies of your paystubs with the caseworker to show it is being deducted from your checks.

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