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Child support enforcement and child support modification - What are my options?

Chicago, IL |

My son's father has refused to pay for my son's preschool tuition (which is his only child support obligation up to $1000/month direct payment to school per our divorce decree child support clause). My son's school has told me they will no longer allow my son to attend. What are my options to enforce the tuition payment? If I pay the tuition, can I get the courts to make him reimburse me?

Also, I recently lost my job and my ex-husband got a new (I suspect higher paying) job. Do I need an attorney to go back to court to change the terms of the child support (mentioned above). How do I prove he is making more money?

Obviously without a job, I have no income, I am looking for creative ways to make my ex-husband live up to his child support obligation.

Thanks in advance.

Childcare and preschool in the city of Chicago are very expensive. $1000/month actually does not even cover the complete cost of 5 full days of daycare at an accredited facility nor for full day preschool that is also an elementary school (which is what my son is attending, by the way). Furthermore, my son's father willingly agreed to the $1000/month direct payment at the time of the divorce. He also agreed to sending our son to a private (not public) school. My son has been attending this school during the divorce process. This was not a decision I made unilaterally in my joint custody situation. So, davevt4586, you should seek more details and understand all facts before using the word "idiotic" to describe the situation and calling me a "jerk". I think you are an idiot and a jerk for making your assumptions and giving less than constructive advice.

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If the ex is refusing to comply with the terms of the child support order, you can file for contempt. Below is a link to the Cook County Self-Help Desk. You should be able to initiate a request for a modification. Below is a link to the Illinois Child Support agency's modification page. The child support agency can determine his current wages more easily than you.