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Child support credit

Madison, WI |

I have 2 children, one 8 and one is 14. The 14 year old doesn't come to my house anymore cause she's at the age where she can choose to not come. Now my ex is taking me back to court for more child support because I'm not exercising my placement with her and receiving child support credit for having her. Can she get more child support? I believe I pay the maximum now.

thank you

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Children are not allowed to choose where they want to live until they are 18. Many people are surprised to hear that. There is a statute that basically says, if you don't use your time you lose it. I am sure that is the statute your ex is going to try and use to get more support. If you are currently paying 25 percent, then she will not be able to get any more support from you. I would suggest contacting a lawyer to discuss your options.


If she has been interfering with your placement by saying your daughter does not want to come, then you need to hire an attorney and get a Motion to Enforce filed immediately.

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