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Child support collected my ex husbands tax return. his wife filed injured spouse claim when they first filed.

Chickasha, OK |

she already received her money. will i have to wait six mths?

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State or Federal?

Refund is just an overpayment on withholding.

When you overwithhold to the point that you get a refund that is more than $5, the taxpayer is hurting himself. This money simply represents a loan of taxpayer money to the government for which the taxpayer is not compensated with any interest. Even worse, the tax refund can be taken.

Who knows where the money is in the system?. Who knows whether the basis for injured spouse is?

Remember, mechanism for support is state administered, but injured spouse is likely federal.

The two might not even relate.

What does your CPA/Tax attorney/family law attorney say?

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Ex husbands wife filed injured spouse claim when they first filed taxes and she already received her part of tax return. do i have to wait six months for my back child support?