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Child Support Arbitration - Snohomish County

Everett, WA |

Child Support Arbitration was 30 days ago. Arbitrator asked for additional paperwork to be submitted by both parents and gave us 2 weeks to turn it in. Both of us turned in our paperwork within 8 days.

State court rules say the Arbitrator has 14 days from the hearing to file an award. I figured it would be 14 days after the 2 weeks extension. It's been more than that. Snohomish County Court rules don't provide a time limit. There are no attorney's involved, just the parents and DCS.

Am I going to be waiting for a while or is there a time limit? I'm confused as to when the Arbitrator is required to file the award. I've been overcharged child support for almost a year now. Is there a point where I can request the Arbitrator be forced to file the award?

The other question I would have is would it be appropriate to send a letter to the arbitrator inquiring about the status of the award, cc'ing all parties? Or is filing with the court the first thing I would do?

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The state court rules provide a time limit. MAR 6.2 provides that the arbitrator has to get his or her decision filed within 14 days. It also provides that the arbitrator may request an extension of the time of up to another 14 days. If the arbitrator fails to file a timely decision, you have the option of file a motion with the court requesting that the court order the arbitrator to file his or her decision by a date certain.

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